Just Vibe With Me

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Song Information

  • Released May 17, 2018
  • Featuring CJ



(Just vibe)
Just vibe with me

Half of these people they wanna talk I just been going off
I’ve always wanted a job not consistent on the clock
My vision is odd been tryna get out my yard
Sped up the car don’t question my art

been nice, tip toed the kid known i hit flights
writ flows, since before I been known so get right
Check out my tempo I’ll give you my best rhymes
Pass me the flint stone let’s get stoned I been light

So you gotta hold up,
Don’t stand there and wait,
You wanna shut them up,
Then hold up your damn weight

Achieve all your fucking goals
Cuz they’re right in your face
Finna blow this up
Imma set this place a blaze

(Just vibe)
Just vibe with me

Just vibe with me as I drive in the street
Recline in the seat
Hit the high beams and light up the scene
I’m not fine on my feet rather fly with my wings
Dive in the sea til I die I’mma be me

Live my life to the fullest
Finna find what is right ain’t tight with the bullshit
So hype but they fooling
And i be pulling pulling pins how I do it

I think I’m bout to hit it and kick it I’m giving a fast flow
Hope you wit it won’t be missing or skipping this shit on your download (no you isn’t)
On the down low I’m out the back door
Now I’m riding smooth on the back road

Keeping it mellow leave the cellphone home as we unwind
In the zone hit the flow it’s going to be alright
Free the mind for the night
So one time let’s ride don’t type

(Just vibe)
Just vibe with me

Pushing I do this my way with my partners
Its proven no bullshit everyday I go harder
Been playing my starters with no trades or barters
Got all this gas what I need a car for

Starting my platform pull up to the airport
They ask for my passport, pass that I’m airborne
The shit that they talk the fuck should I care for
Keep my eyes up and I head forward so careful

I do this my duty you doody I’m special
You working for second there’s steps to ascension
Thank god for my blessings no repercussions
We beating percussion beating the function

Don’t agree with assumptions your money is dry
Were deep here in puddles deep in the huddle
Ready set go just make sure that u don’t fumble
Coming in double, I don’t mean to bust ya bubble

(Just vibe)
Just vibe with me